All prices are based on the square inches of quilting as per the size of the quilt
Simply multiply the length x width and you will have the total square inches. This would then be multiplied by the price to yield the quilting cost, plus *thread and if necessary, **shipping and ***batting

Economy Quilting
Medium to Large Basic Meander  $0.015 

Meanders can look like smooth puzzle pieces or winding thread throughout your quilt. Think Stipple or Loopy Meander. This is a great way to finish a quilt that is to be given to charity or where you want the piecing to be the 'star' of the quilt. This type of quilting is basic and generally does not overpower your piecing. In fact, it does not take into regard the piecing of the quilt; any applique will be stitched through as though it is not there.
Stipple Meander $0.015

Loopy Meander $0.015

Edge to Edge Designs
Prices start at $0.02 up to $0.04

Edge to Edge designs are exactly that...edge to edge of the quilt. No separate border treatments are included. This adds wonderful texture to your quilting project. 

Modern Straight lines (not Stitch in the Ditch), Wavy lines, Continuous Curves or Terry Twists $0.02

Freehand Swirls, Flowers $0.02

Pantographs: pricing starts at $0.025 - $0.04 depending on density/intricacy of the pantograph.

Topographic Meander $0.03 

Freehand Baptist Fans, Feathers and more $0.035
Wavy Lines - $0.02 
Freehand Flowers - $0.02

Honeysuckle Panto - $0.03

Topographic Meander - $0.03 

Semi- and Custom Quilting
Prices start at $0.04 up to $0.10

Separate quilting elements in the blocks and borders that enhance the piecing. This would include SID (stitch in the ditch) if required, and outlining applique to allow it to 'pop'. Quiltazoid-assisted spirograph designs fall under custom quilting. 

Loopy Meander w/ Beadboard Border and Outline Applique $0.045

Terry Twist in blocks w/ Feather border $0.04

I have a $50 minimum for quilting services

I take pride in quality work, and generally have an average turnaround of 2-3 weeks. Email me to pre-book a quilting appointment. 

I look forward to working with you to finish your quilt in a way to compliment your piecing and to stay within budget. 

*Thread Charge I charge $2 per bobbin. This takes into account the top and bobbin threads. There are approximately 130 yards of thread per bobbin. A large queen size quilt with dense quilting can use up to 12 bobbins. I use Superior So Fine thread mixed with either Superior So Fine, Bottom Line or Magna-Glide Classic bobbins. My tension is fine tuned with these combinations. 

**Shipping I will only ship USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation and Insurance to the US only. 
$20 flat rate for the first quilt in the box and $10 per additional quilt in the same box. This includes $500 Insurance. 

~ Invoices will need to be paid in full before your quilt is shipped. I can email pictures to you of your finished quilt at the time of invoicing if you so desire ~ 

***Batting   I offer Winline Textiles Batting ~

These selected battings work best with my machine. Buying batting
from me is usually more economical because you pay
for it by the square inch. You pay for only what
you use. The batting comes on rolls, making it free of wrinkles. 

Pricing is per square inch based on the size of your quilt top

Winline Comfort Blend: 80/20 Cotton/Poly $0.0026

Winline Back to Basics: Natural 100% Cotton $0.0032 

Winline Black: 60/40 Cotton/Poly $0.0038

Winline Bamboo: 100% Bamboo $0.0038

other: Warm n' Natural 100% Cotton $0.0036

~ If I need to order batting because your quilt is larger than the standard width of the roll batting, then I will provide you with a price prior to quilting ~