Quilt Preparation

Preparing your Quilt Top

  • The quilt top should be pressed. 
  • Stray threads should be trimmed to not get caught in the quilting. If I have to trim threads, I will charge an additional $10.
  • Quilt top should be clean and free of any offensive odor. (such as animal hair, cigarette smoke, etc.)
  • Please do not add any embellishments to your top. Wait until the quilt is returned to you before doing so. 
  • Mark the top of the quilt top with a safety pin and note if it is directional. 
  • Do not use straight pins to mark your top. I do not wish to run my hands over the fabric only to be 'stabbed' by a pin.
  • Do not layer the top, batting and backing together. I need these 3 items separate.  
  • Do not attach the binding to the quilt top. 

Preparing your Backing

  • Your backing should be 5-6" wider and longer than the quilt top. 
  • It should be squared, so that it can be lined up on the frame correctly to avoid pleats or puckers.
  • If you must piece a backing, stitch the seam with at least a half inch seam and remove the selvages from the seam area. Selvages do not shrink the same as the rest of the fabric due to its tighter weave; therefore, you do not want it in your quilt.   
  • Try to piece the seams so that they run horizontal; the width of your quilt, not running parallel the length of your quilt top. I prefer to load the backing with the seam horizontally. 
  • Scrap pieced backings are acceptable.  
  • I am okay with sheets as backings. I use them myself at times. The best way I know to remove the stitched edges, it to clip them, then rip the fabric along the grain. This will 'eat up' some fabric, but will give you a 'square' piece to work with. 
  • If you are planning to bind the quilt by stitching the backing fabric to the top of the quilt...you will be unable to do so. With machine quilting, the area outside the quilt top is used to test tension, designs, etc. Also, if quilting an edge-to-edge design or pantograph, the quilting may run off the edge of your quilt top.