Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Quilted Hug for Tina

My sweet friend, Tina, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in March of 2013.  Her attitude is contagious! If only we can all be like her. 

My oldest daughter, Taylor, is friends with her sons and looks up to Tina. She was devastated and knew that she had to make a quilt for our friend. Taylor knows how much comfort a quilt can provide. She is a survivor of Lemierre's Syndrome, and spent much time in treatment.  

We put out a plea from the APQS forum looking for Homespun fabrics. WOW! Did these ladies come through. Taylor received so much fabric that we will be making more quilts this summer to donate to others battling disease. Thank you all!!!!!

Isn't she gorgeous with hot pink hair!! I love it.

I should add that I quilted this in my Topo Meander, and added 3 hidden words also. HOPE, FAITH and LOVE. I hope and pray that this quilt does so much more than provide warmth. Will keep praying for you my friend. You are much loved!!


  1. Congratulations Taylor... what a wonderful loving thing to do.

    Kristina, you have done a wonderful job raising your children. I know the Lord smiles on you!!

    Is that picture of Tina and Taylor also showing you.. very close resemblance between you and Taylor.

    God Bless!

  2. Thank you. And, yes, that is picture of me with Taylor and Tina. I don't usually jump into pictures, but Tina asked.